Thursday, September 24, 2009

What will I miss most? (COPY Dari BLOG Seseorang):p

idk..somehow this person really amaze me.. fall in love?? NAHHH.. he is too special to be loved by me.. why? this is due to his sincerity.. very putih la ini orang.. sgt jeles.. humble plak tu.. plus2 jeles. hak2.. why I cant be like him.. he never though about negative things, also about others..

I wish I can have hati macam him.. hak2.. well, I think I'm lucky because I have a chance to know him more than others.. because I really2 eager to know his character.. tapi 2 months memang tak cukup bahh.. mesti ade molot2 yang ngate aku gatal kan kan kan.. peduli hape aku.. as long as aku dapat kenal dia ini.. yang jeles2 tu.. sila gth yaa..

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nurul said...

weih.. agak2 le babe..